Entering Meter Replacements for Broken Meters

This process should be followed if the original physical meter has been broken and replaced.


When a physical meter is broken, the reading from the new meter must be specified into M3 and the total value of the previous meters must be retained.


If a used object is introduced in M3 and specified by using MOS290, the readings before the meter replacement must be specified in MOS290, and the date for the reading should be set to the date when the replacement took place.

Follow these steps

Complete these steps when a meter has been replaced.

Note: Standard equipment information and meter information must exist in the system.
  1. Open 'Equipment/Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240) and select option 11=Meter Reading

  2. In (MMS241), select option 12=Meter Replacement for the meter that has been replaced.

  3. In MM241/E, specify the initial reading, installation date and installation time. Specify the initial reading only if an already used meter has been installed. Otherwise, leave this field blank. Installation date and time is the actual date and time when the meter was installed in the equipment.


When you press Enter in MMS241 after specifying the replacement information, the information about the since new value when the meter was replaced (CVA0) and initial reading at installation (CV0I) updates the serial number meter files (MILOMN/MMS241).

This information, as well as the installation date and time, is also written in the meter re-placement history (MMERPL).

When meter readings are specified for the replaced meter in 'Equipment. Report Meter Reading' (MOS160), the meter value for the replaced meter is displayed below the input field for the new reading. When the update is performed, both the meter reading for the new meter and the total value for the original meter are updated.

No limit exists for how many times a meter can be replaced.

If you want to display previous meter replacements, use option 13 from MMS241 (Meter Replacement History). This option will open program MMS251, which displays the log file for meter replacement (MMEREPL).

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