Rental Inspection of Non-Lot Controlled Items on Work Orders

Allow a work order process with non-lot controlled items and update material plan=2.


This requirement is related to M3 BE rental functionality. When a piece of equipment is rented, additional items are also rented, such as electrical cables or roadblock cones. After rental, these items must be inspected before they can be rented again. In M3, it was not possible to perform a work order on a non-lot controlled item with a quantity greater than 1 and at work order closure move the items to different new locations.


This function is not currently fully supported from maintenance customer orders (MCOs) because it is complicated to find the WO type and warehouse in order to populate the 'From warehouse' field.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Create a planned WO in (MOS001) or (MOS170). A mandatory field 'From warehouse' will be displayed. Specify the location (normally status 3) where the maintenance object is located when the work starts. Use any order quantity.

  2. Release the planned WO into a work order.

  3. The 'From location' field can be updated in (MOS100/E).

  4. Report material and operations.

  5. Close the work order in (MOS050). The 'From location' field will be populated from the WO header. The 'To warehose' and location will be populated from the standard location in (MMS002), but can be changed to any location within the same facility. If the put-away quantity is less than the order quantity (previously reported quantity), a stop message is displayed. Select F11 for partlial delivery. Selecting F11 will switch off the manual completion flag and move the quantity to the defined 'To location'. If some of the quantity cannot be reused, it can be reported as the final quantity and the scrap flag can be used in (MOS050).

  6. In the stock transaction file (MWS070), a negative TTYP 60 and and positive TTYP 60 are created with accounting number 999999 to prevent an accounting entry since it involves just a move and status change.

The 'From location' field is avaialable and mandatory in this scenario in (MOS001), (MOS170), (MOS100) and (MOS050) and applicable MI programs (MOS170MI), (MOS100MI) and (MOS050MI). In addition, the 'From location' field is populated from the rental return function in program STMNGLID when a work order is created.


Serviced non-lot controlled items can be moved from one location to another in the work order process. The serviced quantity can be placed at different locations depending on the result of the inspection or service. It can even be scrapped if needed.

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