Warranty Claim Processing

This document explains how to print and send a claim document to a supplier for claim settlement.


This process does not cover how to generate a claim settlement invoice.


Before you start

  1. 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750) header exists with 'Warranty Claim Specification. Open' (MOS751) lines.

  2. Set the panel sequence in (MOS750/P) to 'EFGHIJS'.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750/B).

  2. Select the claim number using the available sorting orders.

  3. Review or update the claim header by using option 'Change' or 'Display'.

  4. In (MOS750/B), select option 11='Claim Lines'.

  5. Review and update information for all lines in (MOS751/E). Editable fields are 'Invoiced qty', 'Requested amt' and 'Remark'.

  6. Optionally create new warranty claim specification lines.

  7. From (MOS750/B), select related option 12='Open' to update status from '10-New' to '20-Open'.

  8. Select related option 13='Ready to update status from 20-Open to 30-Ready'. Claim is now complete and ready to be sent to the supplier.

  9. Select related option 14='Send for Claim..This should print the document that is sent to the supplier. Message 'Job MOS753CL has been submitted' is displayed. Status is updated from '30-Ready' to '40-Send' for the claim when refreshed.

  10. Select related option 16='Receive Answer' to update status from '40-Send for Claim' to '50-Answer Received' when a reply is received from the supplier. This is an optional step to keep track of the claim status.

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