Order Initiated Distribution Order or Purchase Order for Work Order Material Line

Technicians responsible for managing a work order (WO) may need to override the predefined settings on how to source material to enable either the creation of an order initiated Distribution Order (DO) with an option to manually select the 'from warehouse', or, an order initiated Purchase Order (PO), with both having an option for delivery to an address other than the warehouse.

This document explains the specific configuration required to ensure that these processes are triggered during work order processing.


A DO or PO is created to source the material required for the WO material line.

Before you start

The 'before you start' conditions listed in the 'Add materials to a work order operation' document must be satisfied.


WO pick list with delayed issue must be used by applying Paramaters 210 and 211 in 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120).

Follow these steps

To configure material sourcing for the complete WO:

  1. Configure 'distribution order type' and 'purchase order type' parameters in 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120) to support the specific material sourcing requirements. These settings will be applied if the equivalent settings are not set against the work order material line.

    1. The available options for purchase order type are 'order initiated' or 'direct purchase':

      • Where 'direct purchase' is used, the material line address in (MOS101) is used on the PO to deliver directly to the specified address.
      • Where 'order initiated' is used, the specific address in 'WO Material and Operations. Open' (MOS101) is used on the delivery in the warehouse, while the normal PO address is used on the PO.
  2. Where 'distributed' is selected as the 'distribution order type', an order initiated DO will be created. These fields must be populated to enable this:

    • 'order type' in (MOS120) or (MOS101).
    • 'from warehouse' in (MOS101/F).

To configure material sourcing for the WO material line:

  1. Add material to the WO using the steps described in the 'Add Material to a Work Order Operation' document.

  2. When in panel F, ensure that parameter 'Line type' is selected for either DO or PO.

  3. If the default parameters are set in (MOS120), as defined in the restrictions, the order type can be left blank in (MOS101/F).

  4. If DO is selected, a 'From WHS' must be selected in (MOS101/F).


This configuration can also be applied automatically through API interface MOS100MI.

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