Warehouse Priority Rules

The purpose of this document is to describe the functionality for the warehouse priority and different scenarios in the maintenance area.

Warehouse priority rules are used to determine from which warehouse material issues are to be made for planned work orders.

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Warehouse priority can be used to override the default warehouse, when requesting materials to a planned WO. The warehouse on material lines is usually selected among the warehouses defined for the facility from which a work order originates. If, however, warehouse priority has been defined, those warehouse definitions take priority.

A good example of when the warehouse priority rules are useful is when customers have their own material stored in a separate warehouse in your facility, and the customer-owned material should be used prior to material from your own warehouses.

Warehouse priority rules can be defined for a maintenance agreement defined in 'Maint Agrmnt. Open' (COS410) or for a service defined in 'Service. Open' (MOS300).


Warehouses must be defined in 'Warehouse. Open' (MMS005). Items/warehouses must be defined in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002).

The logic of warehouse priority rules

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