Warranty Claim Settlement

This document explains how to process a claim answer from the supplier, this can either be a payment or a cancellation of the claim for a new claim version.


A warranty claim is settled and a credit is processed through an MCO invoice.

The following tables are affected:

Before you start

  1. 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750) header exists with 'Warranty Claim Specification. Open' (MOS751) lines in status '40-Send for Claim'.

  2. 'Settings – Claim Settlements' (MOS755) exists defining the allowed variances in price and quantity when approving or updating the 'Approved amount' in 'Warranty Claim Specification. Open' (MOS751).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750/B).

  2. Select the claim number using the available sorting orders.

  3. In (MOS750/B), select option 11='Claim Lines'.

  4. Review and update the information in (MOS751/E). Editable fields, controlled by the variance settings in (MOS755/E) are 'Approved pct', 'Approved qty', 'Approved amount', and 'Remark'.

  5. To approve 'amount' and 'quantity' based on requested amount and quantity, select option 11='Approve Requested Amount'. To approve amount and quantity other than requested, use basic option 'Change' and update the approved fields as needed. Perform this activity for all the lines.

  6. Select related option 16='Receive Answer' to update status from 40 'Send for Claim' to 50-'Answer Received'. This is an optional step to keep track of the claim status.

  7. Select related option 18='Receive Settlement' to update status from 50 'Answer Received' to 55 'Settled'.

  8. Select related option 20='Accept', to create a settlement MCO with status 50 'Ready for invoicing' in (COS100). Message 'MCO XYZ has been created' is displayed. If approved amount matches exactly the requested amount (100% settled), status on the warranty claim is set to '60-Accept', otherwise status will be set to '70-Partially Accept'.

  9. Invoice the MCO using Print MCO Invoice.

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