Warranty Claim Creation from Maintenance Customer Order Line

This document explains how to create a warranty claim record on a maintenance customer order (MCO) line.


A warranty claim is created in 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750). The MCO line 'Claim' column is marked with an '*' or a 'Yes'.

These tables are affected:

Before you start

  1. 'Equipment. Open Warranty Details' (MOS393) is defined with 'Cont category' set to 3-'Claim details'. This determines what is claimable based on what is covered by warranty.

  2. Payer and agreement values on (MOS393/E) should exist.

  3. In 'Maint CO. Check Preliminary Invoice Spec' (COS170), split payer records exist for the warranty covered line types.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101/B). Access this program by selecting related option 11='MCO Lines' in 'Maintenance CO. Open Toolbox' (COS280) or 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100).

  2. Select the MCO line and select related option 50='Create Claim'.

  3. A message is displayed to indicate that the claim has been created and 'Claim column' on (COS101/B) is marked with an '*' or a 'Yes'

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