Mandatory Approval of Time and Expenses on Work Orders


For time and expenses reported on work orders, a mandatory approval step can be configured and will take place before the transactions update the maintenance customer order (MCO) invoice specification and before accounting is updated. This approval allows for increased control over what transactions are reported, accounted, and invoiced to the customer on a work order. This step is also important for large businesses where for example, several levels of managers exist or reported overtime requires approval and so on. Parameters on the work order type 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120) and the cost type 'Cost Type. Open for Miscellaneous Costs' (COS160) control whether mandatory approval is activated on work orders or not.

'WO Operation. Time Transactions' (MOS810) is the core program for viewing reported time transactions. The intended usage is for technicians and managers to get a consolidated view of reported time transactions and the ability to edit, submit, approve, and reject the reported time transactions.

This document provides this information:


These conditions are required to activate work order time and expense approval process:


You can activate or deactivate mandatory approval for labor and expenses independently in (MOS120) and (COS160). Since there is no functionality in (COS150) to monitor miscellaneous transactions by the service manager or a group of technicians, we recommend to have both mandatory approval of labor transactions and mandatory approval of expenses parameters activated. With this setup, you can monitor both time and expense transactions through (MOS810).

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