6. Available costing bases

The first costing element in the costing model must always represent the costing base (the cost of the goods).

Common costing bases

You can select among the following costing bases for both purchase costing and distribution costing:

* Instead of having separate agreements for each supplier, you can have a general purchase agreement for a simulated supplier.

Costing bases specific to distribution costing

The following costing bases can only be selected for distribution costing:

Where selected

For purchase costing you define the default priority order for what value to use as the costing base on 'Settings – Purchasing' (CRS780/F). For distribution costing the default priority order is defined in 'Settings – Product Costing' (PCS001). In both cases you can override the default order when costing items in 'Purchase/Distribution Costing. Calculate' (PCS280).

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