Enter Labor Code Template

This procedure is used to enter one or more labor code templates that can be used when creating time reports.

Labor code templates are used to group certain labor codes, such as allowance and travel expenses, and connect them to a time report. That means that the labor codes are proposed as defaults when you use the time report to report time and costs. That facilitates the reporting when entering many similar times and costs.

Before you start

Labor codes must be entered in the ‘Labor Code. Open’ (TAS005). See Basic Data for Time Accounting [Supporting Function].

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Labor Code Template. Open’ (TAS015/B). Set the panel sequence is to E1.

  2. Select New, and specify the name of the labor code template you want to create. Press Enter.

  3. Enter the description and the name of the template on the E panel. Press Enter to call ‘Labor Code Template. Open’ (TAS016/B).

  4. In (TAS016/B), select New, and specify the labor code..

  5. Enter the number of hours or the amount in the Quantity field on the E panel. Press Enter.

  6. Enter any additional labor codes to be included in the labor code template or press F3 = End.

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