Transfer Time Transaction to General Ledger

This procedure is used to transfer type 2 transactions (internal transactions) to general ledger.

After using this procedure, an accounting journal and a proposal list are printed, and the time transaction is assigned status 80.

Before you start

To start this procedure, the transactions to be transferred must be authorized, their status must be 30 = ‘Authorized and ready for transfer’ and they are type 2 transaction = ‘Internal transactions to be transferred to general ledger’.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Time Transaction. Transfer to Gen Ledger’ (TAS 120/B).

  2. Select the transactions to be transferred by filling in the date range on the E panel.

  3. Enter the accounting date.

  4. Specify whether general ledger should be updated immediately in the Update field.

  5. Specify if the type 3 internal transactions that will not be transferred to the general ledger, should be completed in this run or in a separate procedure.

  6. Type the voucher text and the report text. Press Enter.

  7. If you did not chose automatic update, review the proposal list that has been printed. Select one of the following alternatives:

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