Authorize Time Report

This procedure is used to authorize a time report and prepare it for transfer to the general ledger.

Before You Start

To start this procedure, the status of the time report must 20 = ‘Approved and ready for authorization’. See Create Time Report and Report Time and Costs [Procedure] and Approve Time Report [Procedure].

Follow These Steps

  1. Select ‘Time Report. Authorize’ (TAS115/B).

  2. Specify the authorized person and project number. The time reports to be authorized are displayed.

  3. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To authorize a time report, select option 1 = Approve
    • To hold a time report, select option 3 = Hold
    • To release a time report, select option 6 = Release
    • To reject a time report, select option 12 = Reject
    • To authorize all time reports, press function key F14 = ‘Approve all’.
  4. Press function key F3 = End. The status of the authorized time reports is now 30, which is displayed in ‘Time Report. Open’ (TAS100).

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