Display Cost Center Analysis

This procedure is used to follow up on costs from a pre-defined cost center model. It can also be used to simulate the outcome in the model.

Before you start

The prerequisites listed in Cost Center Analysis must be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Cost Center Analysis. Display’ (CAS200/B).

  2. Select a cost center model and cost center and enter a period range to display an outline of the costs per cost center for a cost model: planned values; fixed costs in percent; variable cost in percent; actual cost; deviation.

  3. Select option 11 for the line you want to display ‘Cost Center Analysis. Display per Account’ (CAS201/E). The planned and actual values for the total, quantity and index are displayed.

  4. You can simulate changes in the resource drivers in order to analyze the consequences by pressing F17 in (CAS200/B).

  5. Enter simulated values on the F panel. Unless otherwise stated, the outcome value used as the standard value.

  6. Return to the B panel to check the outcome with the simulated value.

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