Create Fixed/Variable Budget

The purpose of this procedure is to create a combined budget with costs divided into fixed and variable portions. This is done by tranferring values from one budget to two others that have been reserved for fixed and variable costs.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Budget. Create Fixed/Variable’ (CAS160/E).

  2. Enter budget number and budget version for the budget the values are to be retrieved from as well as the budgets that are to contain the fixed and variable costs respectively.

  3. Specify whether the variable budget is to be adjusted according to the period’s activity. (If the ‘Adjust variable budget’ check box is not selected, the budget is divided into a fixed part and a variable part.)

  4. Enter the unit version of the resource driver and select the unit type, that is, which number to use:

    • 1 = Actual number of resource driver units
    • 2 = Planned (budgeted number)
    • 3 = Calculated number.
  5. Enter a budget period range. Press Enter.

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