Internal Journal Vouchers

The purpose of the process is to enter internal journal vouchers for manual adjustments between the cost centers and/or product groups. The process is completed when the account entries have been created, the general ledger has been updated and an accounting journal has been printed.

A standard voucher with pre-defined account entry strings can be used if the same type of journal vouchers are entered often. The account entry strings are retrieved into the voucher where they can then be changed or removed.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Entering Internal Journal Voucher

    Internal journal vouchers are entered in 'Internal Journal Voucher. Open' (CAS100). The FAM function detail record selected as entry template control the entry and which type of voucher is created.

  2. Examination of Internal Journal Voucher

    Account entries can be changed after the journal voucher has been created and the general ledger has been updated. It is also possible to cancel incorrect vouchers.

    An account entry is then created in the cancelled account that was specified in 'Settings – General Ledger' (CRS750).

    By closing 'Internal Journal Voucher. Open' (CAS100) the general ledger is updated and an accounting journal is generated. An error report is printed if any account entries for some reason have not updated the general ledger.

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