Adjust Resource Plan

This procedure is used to adjust a resource plan after it is created. In this way, the number of resources calculated from the activity plan can be increased or decreased.

Once reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted, the plan is ready to be converted to a budget.

Before You Start

To start this procedure, a resource plan must be created. Refer to Create Resource Plan [Procedure].

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Budget. Connect Budget Resource’ (BUS170/B). Check that the panel sequence is set to E1.

  2. Select option Open for the resource plan.

  3. On the E panel, enter or change the name and description of the resource plan. Press Enter to start ‘Budget. Enter Budget Resources’’ (BUS171/B).

  4. Review the calculated resources that are displayed for the plan in (BUS171/B). For each type of resource, the following information is displayed:

    • Required quantity
    • Available quantity
    • Adjustments in quantity
    • Total quantity, expressed as the sum of required quantity and adjusted quantity.
  5. If necessary, adjust the quantity in the ‘Adjustment of resource quantity’ field and press Enter. The total quantity is then automatically recalculated. This can, for example, be done when the required quantity and the available quantity differ. Example: Required quantity is 500, available quantity 400 and total quantity 500. By specifying –100, the total quantity is recalculated to 400 (500 – 100).

  6. Repeat the procedure from step 3 until all resources are adjusted. Press F3.

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