Quick Entry - Budget

This procedure is used to enter budget transactions in a more automated and faster procedure than the one used during normal entry. This is achieved by defining the design of the panel in advance so that only a minimum of data has to be manually entered for each transaction.

Note that when using the quick entry method, you specify only the total amount and/or quantity and allocation curve to use for each budget transaction. That means you cannot review the allocated budget, as you can when using normal entry.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Budget. Open’ (BUS100/B).

  2. Select option 12=‘Quick entry’ for the budget to reach ‘Budget. Quick Entry of Values’ (BUS102/B).

  3. Review the information on the E panel. Which information is displayed and which fields can be used depend on the settings made on the P panel. At the top of the E panel, the budget and its start period are displayed. Below, the five fixed accounting dimensions and their accounting identities are displayed.

  4. Enter a budget transaction by specifying accounting identities for the two variable accounting dimensions and the amount and/or quantity. Also, specify the currency used and the accounting curve.

  5. Return to step 3 to enter more budget transactions or press F3 to exit the program.

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