Set Parameters for Quick Entry - Budget

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the possibilities for users to set the layout of the entry panel used for quick entry of budget. After using this procedure, the panel is set in accordance to your needs, and thus facilitates quick entry.

The following parameters can be set:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Budget. Open’ (BUS100/B).

  2. Select option 12=‘Quick entry’ for the budget to reach ‘Budget. Quick Entry of Values’ (BUS102/B).

  3. Press F13=Parameters in (BUS102/B).

  4. Specify whether you want to budget amount or quantity or both.

  5. For each of the seven accounting dimensions, specify whether it should be a fixed or variable dimension in the ‘Fixed data’ field. A fixed dimension cannot be changed when entering budget transactions. At most, two dimensions can be variable.

  6. Specify the values for the fixed dimensions in the Value field.

  7. Specify the order in which the variable dimension fields should be displayed in (BUS102). Enter 1 for the dimension farthest to the left on the line and 2 for the other.

  8. Specify the order in which the fixed dimensions should be displayed in the panel header in (BUS102) using a sequence number from 1 to 5. (Note that this means numerals 1 and 2 appear twice in the same column, since you specified value 1 and 2 for the variable dimensions too.)

  9. Specify whether the Currency and Curve fields should be fixed or variable. If necessary, specify default values for the Currency and Curve fields in the Value field. Note that if a field was defined as fixed, the default value cannot be changed during entry, while it can be changed if the field was defined as variable.

  10. Press F3 to finish and return to (BUS102/B).

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