Enter Budget

This procedure is used to enter budget transactions and allocate them to a budget. It can also be used to supplement and change current budgets.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Select ‘Budget. Open’ (BUS100/B).

  2. Specify option 11=‘Budget values’ to work with transactions in a budget.

  3. In ‘Budget. Update Periodic Budget Values’ (BUS101/B), check that the panel sequence is set to E1.

  4. Specify whether you want to budget amount, quantity or both in the ‘Amount/quantity’ field.

  5. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To enter a new budget transaction and allocate it over the budget periods, go to step 6.
    • To change an existing budget transaction and, if needed, reallocate it over the budget periods, go to step 9.
    • To allocate an existing budget transaction over days in a budget period, go to step 15.

    Enter a New Budget Transaction

  6. In (BUS101/B), enter a budget transaction by specifying the currency code, accounting string and allocation curve and select option New.

  7. On the E panel, a line for each period in the budget is displayed. Specify the transaction amount and/or quantity. Specify the curve number to use as well.

    Note that curve 998 allocates the specified total amount and/or quantity evenly to each period, while 999 allocates the same amount/quantity to each period and curve.

  8. Press Enter. The budget is displayed. Press Enter to confirm and return to step 5.

    Change an Existing Budget Transaction

  9. In (BUS101/B), select option Open for the budget transaction.

  10. Review the information displayed on the E panel.

  11. If necessary, change the appropriate total amount and/or quantity. Press Enter. The total entered is allocated in accordance to the curve chosen. Press Enter and return to step 5.

  12. If necessary, change the period amount and/or quantity values on the appropriate line(s) and Press Enter. The new total is recalculated automatically and displayed. Press Enter and return to step 5.

  13. If you want to reallocate the budget, specify a different allocation curve and press Enter. The total is then reallocated according to the new curve and the new budget is displayed. Press Enter and return to step 5.

  14. If you do not want to make any changes, press F12=Cancel in (BUS101/B).

    Allocate a Budget Transaction over Days in One Budget Period

  15. In (BUS101/B), select option 11=‘Budget/Day’ for the budget transaction to start ‘Budget. Display Periodic Budget Values’ (BUS105/B).

  16. In (BUS105/B), select option Open for the appropriate budget period.

  17. On the E panel, the amount left to distribute (that is, the budget period amount) is displayed. Allocate this amount to the different days until the amount left to distribute is down to zero. Press Enter and F3. Return to step 5.

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