Automatic Reallocation

This process is used to automatically reallocate a budget when the period accounting curve that applies for the budget is changed. The accounting curve is used to allocate the budget values to the periods in the budget.

Before you start

A budget with budget transactions must be entered in ‘Budget. Open’ (BUS100).

A decision to change allocation curve must be made.

Follow these steps

  1. Change period accounting curve

  2. Reallocation

Change Period Accounting Curve

Period accounting curves are changed in ‘Period Accounting Curve. Open’ (CRS450). The percentages or shares for each period can be changed. That means that any later entries will be processed according to the changed values. However, this does not change any previous entries.


Reallocation is done in ‘Budget. Reallocate’ (BUS130). This changes the previous budget entries. You reach (BUS130) by selecting option 13=‘Chg budg allo’ for the budget you want to reallocate. In (BUS130), you specify the accounting curves that have been changed and press Enter.

First, the detail transactions in a balance for each accounting dimension, currency code and allocation curve are deleted. The new transactions are then created according to the changes in the period accounting curve.