Follow Up Currency Exposure

This document explains how you create a report showing the currency exposure for each currency, that is, the exchange rate trend.

You do this on a regular basis as part of the company's risk management routines.


Your foreign currency balances are re-calculated to display the latest currency value in local currency amount.

Sub-ledger Report

The following information is presented per currency:

General Ledger Report

The following information is presented, either per account or per currency, depending on the report layout selected:

Use the outcome to:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Currency Exposure. Print AR/AP' (RMS560/E) or 'Currency Exposure. Print GL' (RMS565/E).

  2. Select the date up to which the currency exposure should be displayed.

  3. Enter a currency or a range of currencies to include. (To include all currencies, leave the currency fields blank.) For the general ledger report, select an account or a range of accounts as well (optional).

  4. To display the total exposure in local currency at simulated exchange rate, select an exchange rate type (required).

  5. Enter a report text, if needed, and select report layout:

    • For the sub-ledger report, only report layout 1 is available
    • For the general ledger report: 1 = Per account and currency; 2 = Per currency and account.
  6. Press Enter to create the report.

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