Create Report with Payers with Insurance and Past Due Invoices

This document explains how you print a report that includes all payers that have past due invoices and who you have signed a special insurance for.


A report is printed with the following information: Payer, name, company's own insurance number at the insurance company, open amount, past due amount, the ratio between the open amount and the past due amount, amount for invoices that are past due more than specified number of days, ratio.

Send the report to the insurance company, according to the insurance terms and conditions.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Customer Insurance. Print Days Overdue' (RMS530/E).

  2. Enter the accounting date for which the report should be valid (required).

  3. Enter ranges of insurance companies and/or insurance numbers (optional).

  4. Enter the lowest number of days that the invoices must be past due (required).

  5. Enter a report text (optional). Press Enter.

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