Create Report with Payers with Insurance and Open Invoices

This document explains how you print a report that includes all payers that have open invoices and who you have signed a special insurance for.


A report is printed with the current insurance status for all insured payers with open invoices. The content of the reports depends on the report layout selected:

Send the report to the insurance company, according to the insurance terms and conditions.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Customer Insurance. Print Amount' (RMS535/E).

  2. Enter the accounting date for which the report should be valid (required).

  3. Enter ranges of insurance companies and/or insurance numbers (optional).

  4. If you wish to limit the report to insurance over a certain amount, enter a lowest amount to be considered.

  5. Select a report layout.

    Refer to Outcome for a description of layouts.

  6. Enter a report text (optional). Press Enter.

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