Create Allocation Table for Cash Flow Budgeting

This document explains how you create a table that controls how budget values are allocated in time when creating a cash flow budget.


An allocation table is created, consisting of lines defining how values are allocated to periods and payment days according.

It can be reviewed in ‘Allocation Table. Open’ (CFS015).

Connect an allocation table to each line in the accounts conversion table that will be used when creating a cash flow budget. This is done in ‘Account Conversion Table. Open’ (CFS010).

For further information and examples, see Cash Flow Conversion.

The allocation table is saved in the following files: Basic data (FCFCDH) and detailed data (FCFCDD).

Before you start

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel


The field indicates ...

CFS015/B Year

... the valid year for the allocation table.

The table will be automatically used if it has the same valid year as the account conversion table and the cash flow budget to be created.

CFS016/B Range

... the number of a line defining period allocations.

Note that these ranges have no connection to the ranges defined in the accounts conversion table in (CFS010).

CFS016/B From period

... the period from which budget values should be retrieved.

The valid alternatives are:

= (Allocation from any period)

01–99 (Allocation from a specific period.)

CFS016/B To period

... the period to which should be allocated.

The valid alternatives are:

= (The same period as the From period)

01–99 (Values are allocated to this specific period.)

+ xx (Values are allocated to the selected From period plus a specified number of periods. Example: +01)

– xx (Values are allocated to the selected From period minus the specified number of periods.)

CFS016/B Payment day

... the day in the to period to which values should be allocated.

You can specify up to five payment days for each range.

CFS016/B Percent ... the percentage of the total value for the range to be allocated to a specific payment day.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Allocation Table. Open’ (CFS015/B).

  2. Set the panel sequence.

    This instruction is based on panel sequence E1.

  3. Enter valid year and identity for the table (a value between 000 and 999). Press Next.

  4. On the E panel, define name (optional) and description of the table. Press Enter to call ‘Allocation Table. Enter Details’ (CFS016).

  5. On panel (CFS016/B), define the following parameters in an empty line: Range number, From period, To period, payment day, and percentage. Press Enter.

    The range is automatically numbered. All ranges are automatically sorted by pressing Refresh or when you enter this panel again.

  6. Repeat step 5 until you have defined the allocation for each range. Press Finish.

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