Create and Review Cash Flow Plan

This document explains how you create a plan of the company’s cash flow in the upcoming future, defined in days or weeks ahead.


See Creating Cash Flow Plans.

Before You Start

The starting conditions listed in Creating Cash Flow Plans must be met.

Follow These Steps

Create Cash Flow Plan

  1. Start ‘Cash Flow Plan. Open’ (CFS200/B).

    Th B panel lists existing cash flow plans defined as a combination of a cash flow model and version number, their valid dates, the budget on which they are based, and status (0=Created, 1=Being created, and 4=Being deleted).

  2. Set the panel sequence.

    This instruction is based on panel sequence E1.

  3. Select the cash flow model to use and create a plan by giving it a unique identity, consisting of up to six alpha-numeric characters. Press New.

  4. On the E panel, define the valid time range for the cash flow plan by entering year, month and date.

    Note that the start date cannot be earlier than the current date.

  5. Select the number and version of the cash flow budget from which values for lines 180 and 280 in the plan should be retrieved (required).

  6. If necessary, select another exchange rate type proposed from the cash flow model.

  7. Enter a description of the cash flow plan (required). Press Enter.

    Print the Cash Flow Plan

  8. In (CFS200/B), select option 6 = Print for the cash flow plan.

  9. On panel (CFS200/F), specify type of amount, currency, and report layout (per day or per week, summarized or detailed). Press Enter.

    The valid amount types are: 1 = ‘Recorded amount’, 2 = ‘Currency amount’, and 3 = ‘Calculated amount’ according to exchange rate type in the cash flow model and the relevant future rate agreements.

  10. Select a report layout and press Enter:

    • 01 = Per day, with details
    • 02 = Per day, summarized
    • 03 = Per week, with details
    • 04 = Per week, summarized.

    Review Cash Flow Plan Details

  11. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To review the entire cash flow plan, go to step 12
    • To review amounts per bank account, go to step 15.
  12. To review the plan, select option 11 = ‘Display cash flow plan’ for the plan in (CFS200/B).

    Review Plan

  13. In ‘Cash Flow Plan. Display’ (CFS205/B), select any of these alternatives to review the information:

    • Select sorting order (amount per day or per week, with or without specification of payment method)
    • Select currency
    • Select type of amount (see step 9)
    • Select rounding off values or define decimal places in the amounts.
  14. To see the entire plan, toggle by pressing F19 and F20 respectively.

    Review Lines per Bank Account

  15. To review amounts per bank account, select option 12 = ‘Display bank account ID’ for the plan in (CFS200/B).

    ‘Cash Flow Plan. Display Bank Accounts’ (CFS200/G) is called, displaying accounts included in the plan.

  16. Select type of amount (see step 9) (required) and currency (required for amount type 2). Press Enter to display the opening and closing balance per account.

  17. To review the line amounts in the plan for a specific account, select option 11 = ‘Display cash flow plan’ for the account.

    If you entered (CFS205/B) this way, an additional, open field for the account is displayed.

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