Create Cash Flow Budget

This document explains how you create a budget for planning your cash flow, based on an existing profit & loss budget.


See Managing Cash Flow Budgets.

Before you start

See Managing Cash Flow Budgets.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Cash Flow Budget. Create from Budget' (CFS100/E).

  2. Decide whether to first create a definite budget directly by selecting option 0 = No (a budget proposal is created) or 1 = Yes.

    The proposal is only printed for reviewing purposes and is not saved.

  3. Select the profit & loss budget to use as base budget in the 'From' field.

  4. Define the number and version of the target cash flow budget you want to create in the 'To' field.

    Note that you can define the base budget to be the target budget. The cash flow budget is then included in the original profit & loss budget.

  5. Enter a report text that will function as heading in the printed cash flow budget (optional). Press Enter to create the budget.

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