Managing Cash Flow

This document explains how to create and use decision-making tools for managing your company's cash flows.


Use the tools created to supply management with information on expected cash flows. The information is then used to take action to ensure the company's solvency.

For further information, refer to the documents listed under See Also.

Before you start

The financial system must be configured. See Enabling Financial Management.

Follow these steps

  1. Managing Cash Flow Budget

    Create a cash flow budget – which is a balance budget – based on a profit & loss budget in 'Cash Flow Budget. Create from Budget' (CFS100). Incomes and costs are automatically converted to payments and payments received according to user-defined tables.

  2. Creating Cash Flow Plan

    Create a cash flow plan in 'Cash Flow Plan. Open' (CFS200). Values from the selected cash flow budget and M3 applications are automatically retrieved. A user-defined cash flow model controls what values will be included.

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