Cancel Customer Risk for Draft Payments

This instruction explains how you cancel the risk that collected or discounted customer drafts could be rejected retroactively by the bank due to non-sufficient funds. The purpose is to present an updated customer risk value when reviewing the accounts receivable balance file.

The activity affects only drafts meeting these two requirements:

This activity is usually carried out as a part of the company’s daily routines and run as a batch job.


The customer risk for drafts previously accepted by the bank is canceled.

The list printed includes the following information: Payer, customer number, due date, accounting date, voucher number, currency, currency amount, account amount, bank, status, new status, and remittance number.

Review the adjusted customer risk in ‘Accounts Receivable. Display Balances’ (ARS225) for credit monitoring purposes. This is provided you use a column template containing value type 42 = ‘Customer risk not canceled’ defined in ‘AR Inquiry Column Template. Open’ (ARS066/F).

The risk amount cancelled is deducted from the accumulated amount of remitted and reconciled drafts in the customer risk master file (OCURSK).

The remittance status for the drafts is set to 45 = ‘Customer risk canceled’ in ‘Customer Draft. Display’ (ARS280).

Account entries are created provided that the draft was remitted to be discounted and the draft accounting method for risk cancellation is selected for the division in ‘Settings – General Ledger’ (CRS750/F).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Customer Risk Cancellation. Create’ (ARS330/E).

  2. Enter the run date for the cancellation (required).

    The date would normally be the current day. Any drafts with a risk cancellation date (due date + number of risk cancellation days) before this date are included in the activity.

  3. Enter a report text to be printed on the report. Press Enter.

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