Create and Work with Tickler Note for Contact with Payer and Action Taken

This document explains how to create a tickler note - that is, an internal or external reminder - for a payer regarding an action to be taken.

Tickler notes are commonly used in connection with the management of customer debts, credit and risk to record contacts with late payers.


A tickler note is created, describing the latest contact with the payer, the result and the last date for an agreed action to be completed.

If the tickler note is connected to one or several specific invoice records, each invoice for which payment is made in 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110) after it was included in the tickler note has status 9=Closed in 'Payer. Connect Tickler Notes - Details' (RMS441). If all invoices are paid, the entire tickler note is closed automatically.

Invoices that are not paid but connected to a tickler note are marked with an asterisk in 'Accounts Receivable. Display' (ARS200/B) when sorting order 1, 7 or 11 is selected.

Payers with open tickler notes whose action date has passed are flagged with an asterisk in 'Credit Monitoring. Process' (RMS420).

The action date specified, that is the last day for an action to be taken, is used as a selection criteria during credit monitoring:As long as a payer has a tickler note with an action date (that is, the last day for an action to be taken) later than current day, the payer will not be selected when transactions for credit monitoring are generated in 'Credit Monitoring. Create Transactions' (RMS410).

You can print the tickler note for internal purposes or send it to the payer to confirm any agreement made. You do this in 'Tickler Note. Print' (RMS500).

The following files are updated:

Before you start

Follow These Steps


Create Tickler Note

Select one of the following alternatives:

Add Invoice Records to Existing Tickler Note

  1. Repeat the steps for selecting records in the accounts receivable file or the credit monitoring routine, as mentioned above.

  2. When (RMS440) is called, select option 21='Add to tickler' for the tickler note.

    The invoices are automatically included in the tickler note.

Review Tickler Note Details and Invoices

  1. To review the tickler note, select one of the following options:

    • To see the tickler note text, credit department reference, action date etc., select option Open or Display to call the E panel
    • To see the invoices connected to the tickler note, select option 11='Tickler detail' for the tickler note and continue with the next step.
  2. In 'Payer. Connect Tickler Note - Details' (RMS441), review the list of included invoices, their invoice amounts and paid amounts and status.

  3. For further details, select any of the following options for the invoice(s):

    • Option 5 to review general data such as invoice date and due date
    • Option 11='Invoice details' to review details in 'Customer Invoice. Display Separate' (ARS215).

Print Tickler Note and Send to Payer

  1. In (RMS440), select option Print for the tickler note.

  2. In 'Standard Letter. Print' (ARS115/E), that is activated, adjust any of the following values, if necessary: Standard letter, language, fax transmission or not, fax number, the company's credit department reference, and the two additional text lines. Press Enter.

  3. Send the printed tickler note to the payer.

Close Tickler Note, Manually or Automatically

  1. To indicate manually that action has been taken and that the tickler note is fully processed, select option 9='Close tickler note' for the note on the B panel.

  2. To close the tickler note automatically, enter payments received for the invoices connected to the tickler note in 'Payments Received. Record' (ARS110).

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