Reminding Payer about Past Due Customer Invoices by Phone

This document explains how to manage verbal payment reminders for customer invoices.


Use the tickler notes to keep track of contacts with late payers and actions taken.

No new transactions are created. The tickler note file (FCRMTN) is updated. If the reminder is also registered in (ARS201), the accounts receivable file (FSLEDG) is updated with the number of payment reminders and the reminder date.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select Transactions to Use As a Basis for the Payment Reminder

    Base the selection on the credit manager connected to the payer/customer in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/K). You do this in 'Credit Monitoring. Create Transactions' (RMS410). For further information on the selection criteria, see Managing Customer Credit.

    The invoices are then displayed and can be reviewed in 'Credit Monitoring. Process' (RMS420).

  2. Contacting the Payer by Phone

    Contact the payer to discuss the late payments. Make a verbal agreement about the latest date for payment allowed before you will take further actions. This action date is later used as a criterion for including the payer in the credit monitoring routine.

  3. Registering the Contact and Creating a Tickler Note

    Register the reminder for the invoice by creating a tickler note for the payer in 'Payer. Connect Tickler Note' (RMS440). Use the note to define the action taken, the result, and the date the action should be completed.

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