Connect GL to Equipment Profitability Portal


The purpose of this functionality is to support the process for Equipment Profitability Portal with the possibility to update manual costs and revenue through an internal journal voucher.


Sometimes it is needed to do manual adjustments of the Equipment Profitability. Some costs or revenue have not occurred yet on a transaction and an adjustment is required to get a correct outcome


This automated functionality will only work if you use the predefined accounting model with model type=1 including creating the model lines with F14 in (CAS391). Line 180 will then contain the manual costs/revenues.

Accounting type CA99 can only be used in the accounting model and not in CRS395


The workflow is started by entering an internal journal voucher in (CAS100) where you select to update a certain transaction (the debit or the credit) to the Equipment Profitability Portal.

When the voucher is updated to General Ledger also the transaction table (CAS095), the balance table (CAS090) and the aggregated balance table (CAS340) are updated.

The voucher can also be reversed via 'auto reverse', a parameter in (CRS406) for FAM function CA10 or via GLS900, 'Reverse voucher'.

The transaction table, the balance table and the aggregated balance table will be updated accordingly when an internal journal voucher is reversed.

Follow these steps

  1. Enter CAS100 to create an internal journal voucher. Select parameter 'Uptr' on the ac-count entry that you want to update in Equipment Profitability Portal, either the debit or the credit, in (GLS120).

  2. When parameter 'Uptr' is selected a new popup screen will appear.

  3. Enter your item and serial number in column value 1 and 2 or prompt using F4 to find your item. If your company is ESM enabled (in MNS095) column value 1, column value 2 and column value 3 will be populated if you prompt and then select the item and serial number.

    If you change an accounting line and would like to update the transaction in Equipment Profitability Portal, select 'Uptr' and use F21 to get the popup window when the accounting line is in change mode.

  4. Select ok when the popup is updated and enter the contra-accounting.

  5. Select 'close' when the voucher is ready.

  6. To see the updated manual adjustment, enter CAS340 and select the period, balance key=2, accounting model and column template. Line 180 in the model will include your manual adjustment.



Settings Descriptions

Program ID Field Heading Description
(GLS120/B) Uptr

The field indicates if a transaction should update the Equipment Profitability or not. Select 'Uptr' on the credit account entry if you want to update revenue. Select 'Uptr' on the debit account entry if you want to update a cost.

The account entry will then appear as manual revenue or manual cost on line 180 of the accounting model in CAS340, the aggregated balance table.

The parameter will only be displayed if parameter 'Upd Acc Model' is selected in CRS406 for FAM-function CA10.

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