Equipment Profitability


The Equipment Profitability is based on the account entries created in the functions mentioned below. The account entries must be transferred to FIM in order to be updated in the Equipment Profitability.

The functionality will display the profitability of equipment in M3 and in the Mashup using predefined accounting models including accounting lines.

The solution is based on the 'M3 Order Costing Balance File' including balance keys and column templates.


The Equipment Profitability Model was developed for tracking revenues and costs over time for defined items of Equipment. The solution allows the user to first generate a pre-defined model with lines reflecting the business revenues and costs over the Equipment Lifecycle. In addition, other business objects (e.g. a Customer) can be specified to reflect and analyze the same flows of Equipment Revenues and Costs. These business objects will then be stored against the detailed revenue and cost transactions in a time period based balance table. A maximum of 10 predefined columns are available to deliver this together with the connected inquiry and analytical model.

The Equipment Industries must be able to track all revenue and cost related to a single item of equipment over its entire lifecycle, which can span up to twenty years. Storing these equipment connected accounting records in new tables solves the problem for those cases where the Equipment ID is longer than eight characters; also, it ensures that the use of GL dimensions remains at the correct level for financial reporting.

For further details see NCR 5183 and NCR 2408 available on Infor Xtreme.


This automated functionality will only work if you use the predefined accounting model with model type=1 including creating the model lines with F14 in CAS391.

The item must be a serialized item (lot control method=2 in MMS001) since serial number is a part of the dimensions used in the accounting model. The item must be set up as equipment in MOS400 in order to be included in the accounting model transactions in the Equipment Profitability. Account entries from Project Order invoicing in POS180 and Inter Division invoicing in MFS100 are excluded from the Equipment Profitability solution.

The concept of the Equipment Profitability is not changed, but functionality is added to see the outcome in M3 and in a Mashup.

How to use

  1. Run CAS950 and transfer the account entries to FIM for the actual period.

  2. Transfer the account entries from the invoicing functions in COS196, OIS196 and SOS196, if the account entries not are directly transferred to FIM.

  3. Enter CAS340 and select the period, balance key, accounting model and column template.

  4. Mark the actual line (on the lowest level of the balance key), to see balance details, and use related option 12 to get to CAS090, the Balance table.

  5. Mark the actual line, to see the transactions, and use related option 11 in CAS090 to get to CAS095, the Accounting transactions.

  6. To see further details, use related options in CAS095, according to below

    11= Dsp source

    12=Dsp order lines




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