Bill Back - Accounts Receivable

This document describes the bill back function, which is used to create a customer invoice for one or several unauthorized payment deductions or other not-accepted payment differences.


The bill back function has two purposes:

The procedure for creating a bill back invoice consists of two main steps:

These outstanding invoices are registered for a customer in Accounts Receivable:

By using the bill back function, the invoices are written off and the payment differences are included in the bill back invoice. When this is done, the customer records in accounts receivable will look like this:

A new invoice, the bill back, has been created with three lines, one for each invoice that has been written off. The total of the bill back is recorded as a new transaction in the receivable account.

Follow these steps

  1. Launch ’Bill Back Type. Open’ (ARS052) to define specific parameters for each created bill back type.

  2. Launch ’Bill Back. Open Text per Type’ (ARS053) to enter comments for the desired bill back type.

  3. Generate bill back invoices in ’Payment Received. Record’ (ARS110/F) using accounting option 15.

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