Accounting Identity

Accounting identities are used for recording transactions in M3 in a structured way. The accounts in the company’s chart of accounts are such accounting identities. Other user-defined accounting identities are cost centers, product groups, projects, and so on. You can select to display financial information from different perspectives depending on which accounting identity you focus on.

The combination of accounting identities is controlled by the seven accounting dimensions that form an accounting string.

Accounting identities are registered in ‘Accounting Identity. Open’ (CRS630).

The example below illustrates the difference between accounting dimensions and accounting identities.

3010 and Dept.1 are the accounting identities for accounting dimensions 1 (Account) and 2 (Cost Center), respectively.

To facilitate adjustments of the chart of accounts and other accounting identities, a date interval can be specified for each dimension.

Accounting identities can be registered in several languages. The language registered for the user will then be used in inquiry programs and reports.

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