Accounting String

An accounting string is a complete account entry. Each string can contain six accounting dimension in addition to the account. You can use the six dimensions for any purpose, such as cost center, product group, project, customer, statistics, activity, and so on.

In 'Accounting Identity. Open' (CRS630), you can configure cross-account checks to avoid invalid combinations of such accounting identities. Valid combinations are entered in a file and all vouchers are checked against them.

Pseudo codes let you identify an accounting string. Instead of specifying all seven accounting identities, you can enter the pseudo code in the account field, and the entire accounting string is automatically filled in.

An accounting structure with up to nine levels can also be set above the account and six accounting dimensions. Information in the balance file is stored in these structures and used for queries and when creating reports in M3 Report Generator.

Dim. 1 Dim. 2 Dim. 3 Dim. 4 Dim. 5 Dim. 6 Dim. 7



Cost Center

Product Group



Accounting ID






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