Review and Change Internal Invoice Proposal

This procedure is used to review, change and approve internal invoice proposals. Also, specific invoices or invoice lines can be stopped. A report is printed when all invoices in a proposal are processed.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Internal Invoice. Create’ (MFS100/B).

    You can also review the proposal in print.

  2. Select Open for the proposal to review/change.

    Review Internal Invoice for a Division

  3. In ‘Change. Open for Division’ (MFS105/B), the different receiving divisions that are included in the proposal are displayed.

  4. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To review/change the invoice lines for a division, select Open for the division and go to step 6.
    • To stop an invoice for a division, select option 3 = Hold.
    • To release an invoice for a division, select option 6 = Release.
  5. If necessary, repeat step 4 for all receiving divisions. Otherwise, press F3.

    Review Internal Invoice Lines for a Division

  6. On the E panel, review the text lines that will be printed on the internal invoice. Change the texts if necessary. Press Enter.

  7. In ‘Change. Open for Transaction’ (MFS106/B) the lines of the internal invoice for the division are displayed.

  8. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To review and/or change a line, select Open. Review the information. If necessary, change the internal transfer price, transfer currency and/or status. Press Enter.
    • To stop a line from invoicing, select option 3 = Hold.
    • To release a line for invoicing, select option 6 = Release.
  9. If necessary, repeat step 8 for all lines. Otherwise, press F3.

  10. Return to step 2 to review additional invoices in the proposal. Otherwise, press F3.

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