Use Recurring Journal Voucher for Periodic Routine Purposes

This procedure is used to generate vouchers for period end or year-end closure (for example, for different types of accruals) by using pre-defined templates, so-called standard vouchers.

The procedure consists of three main steps:

1. Select period and the standard voucher to be used as a template for the entry.

2. Modify the standard voucher, if necessary.

3. At the end of the period/year, generate transactions in the system for the vouchers entered.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

Select Period and Standard Voucher

  1. Start ‘Recurring Journal Voucher. Open’ (GLS170/B).

  2. Specify the period for which the voucher is to be entered. Click New.

  3. On the E panel, enter a description/name. Press Enter.

  4. In ‘Journal Voucher. Open Standard/Recurring’ (GLS171/B), select the standard voucher to use as a template for the entry. Click New.

    Modify Standard Voucher

  5. In (GLS171/E), change any of the following values retrieved from the standard voucher: description/name, , whether the record should be automatically reversed), currency, voucher name and text. Press Enter.

  6. In ‘Voucher. Open Lines in Recurring’ (GLS172/B), select one of the following alternatives:

    • To create a new standard voucher line, enter line number and line type (1 = Detail line; 2 = Calculation line; 3 = Total line for internal totals within the voucher). Click New.
    • To modify the accounting string and quantity for a line, select option Change. (For line type 1, amount can be altered directly in panel B.)
  7. On the E panel, enter relevant line information, or change previously recorded values, and press Enter to return to the B panel.

    • The following fields are displayed: Description (required), name, account (required) and additional accounting dimensions, VAT code, voucher text, and division (for MUC companies).
  8. Press F3 to return to ‘Recurring Journal Voucher. Open’ (GLS170).

    Generate Transactions for Recurring Journal Voucher

  9. In (GLS170/B), select option 9 = ‘Create voucher’ to generate transactions for the vouchers entered for the period.

  10. In ‘Journal Voucher. Update Recurring’ (GLS175/E), change accounting date and exchange currency rate if necessary. Press Enter.

    • The status of the recurring voucher is set to 9. The general ledger is updated and an accounting journal is printed. The year and journal number of the recurring voucher are displayed in (GLS170/E).
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