Use Standard Voucher

This procedure is used when entering the same voucher often. This can be for predefined allocations of costs between specific cost centers, for example.

A complete voucher contains all the account entry lines and amounts necessary. A template can contain some of the account entry lines, where the accounting dimensions are specified but not the amounts or vice versa. The missing information must then be specified.

Before you start

At least one standard voucher must be defined in ‘Standard Voucher. Open’ (GLS015).

Follow these steps

  1. Standard vouchers can be used in all entry functions where transactions are entered manually. Press F16 = ‘Standard voucher’ to call ‘Standard Voucher. Open’ (GLS015) on the coding panel in one of these programs:

    • ‘Journal Voucher. Enter’ (GLS100)
    • ‘Customer Invoice. Enter’ (ARS100)
    • ‘Customer Invoice. Enter Manual’ (ARS100)
    • ‘Supplier Invoice. Record’ (APS100).
  2. In (GLS015/B), select the appropriate standard voucher.

  3. Select one of these alternatives and then press F3 to create the voucher:

    • If you have select a template for a complete, balancing voucher, check the accounting lines created in the respective coding panel.
    • If you have selected a voucher template, any incomplete accounting lines will automatically be marked. These must be corrected before you can create a voucher.
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