Create Account Group

This procedure is used to create account groups used to sort accounts to different parts of the statement of income and balance sheet. There are five levels of account groups. An account can be connected to one account group which in turn can be included in four other groups.

The levels determine the order in which accounts within an account group are listed on an statement of income or balance sheet. Each level is assigned a sequence number. This number determines in which order a specific level and connected account groups are printed. Accounts are sorted in the following order: 1) Level; 2) Sequence number; 3) Account group.

Note that account groups must be defined at the same level (company and/or division level) as the accounts.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Account Group. Open’ (CRS633/B).

  2. Enter an ID and select level. Click New.

  3. On the E panel, select one of the following alternatives, depending on the level selected:

    • For levels 1 to 4, enter the name, sequence number within level, account group type (1 = ‘Balance sheet’; 2 = ‘Statement of income’), and whether a page break should be applied when printing reports
    • For level 5, select also any other account groups the level should be included in.
  4. Press Enter.

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