Create Petty Cash Function

This procedure is used to create different types of petty cash functions.

Before You Start

To start this procedure, the prerequisites listed in Petty Cash must be met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Settings - Petty Cash’ (CRS411/B).

  2. Enter an ID and select a petty cash type. Click New. Available types are:

    • 1 = Intended for accounting transactions such as receipt entries
    • 2 = Used to enter customer payments
    • 3 = Used to enter supplier payments.
  3. Fill in the necessary information on the E panel:

    • Desription
    • Petty cash account
    • Any default accounting identities in the other accounting dimensions
    • Exchange rate type
    • FAM function detail record (type 1=GL30; type 2=AR30; type 3=AP20).
  4. For petty cash type 1, you can also select whether to compress transactions when the general ledger is updated. Press Enter.

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