Enter Journal Voucher

This procedure is used to enter journal vouchers. These are used for reservations and other vouchers not created in other parts of M3. These vouchers can be temporary or other types of vouchers.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

The steps below describes the basic entry flow. Depending on your selections in the FAM function detail record, the flow can vary.

  1. Start ‘Journal Voucher. Enter’ (GLS100/B).

  2. Select the FAM function detail record appropriate for the type of journal voucher to be entered.

    • If you chose to use batch totals when entering journal vouchers in ‘FAM Function. Open’ (CRS405), you must begin by entering a batch total for all the journal vouchers to be entered on the A panel. Press Enter
  3. On the E panel, change the proposed accounting date if necessary. Depending on the FAM function selected a mandatory ‘General voucher text’ field may be displayed. If entering a closing transaction, you must enter the year. If the FAM function manages temporary vouchers, then a reversal date must also be entered. Press Enter.

  4. If panel layout 21 (for bank transactions) is selected for the FAM function detail record, the F panel is now displayed with the opening balance and closing balance of the bank account. If you wish to create one bank transaction per payment, select the ‘Split bank entry’ check box. (Otherwise, one bank transaction per voucher is created.) Press Enter.

  5. On the coding panel, create the accounting lines. To select a standard voucher with predefined accounting lines for recurring records, press F16.

  6. When all accounting lines are correct, press F3 to create a voucher number and return to the E panel.

  7. To change a voucher, press F12 to return to the B panel, where you press F14 = ‘Change voucher’.

  8. On the G panel, select the Change option for the preliminary voucher to display the coding panel again.

  9. To update the general ledger with the new vouchers, press F3 to exit the program.

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