Display Period Analysis

This procedure is used to display the past development of an accounting identity by using the period balance.

Before you start

At least one column template must be entered in 'Column Template - Balance Inquiry.Open' (GLS216).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'GL Balance File. Display' (GLS215/B).

  2. Enter the period, select a balance key and column template. These determine what information is displayed. (The period is used as a starting point for the calculations defined in the column template.)

  3. Select option 12 = 'Period analysis' to display 'Period Analysis. Open' (GLS217).

  4. The list in (GLS217/B) begins by displaying the 12 previous periods.

  5. To make a further selection, enter balance identities in the appropriate balance dimensions. (The balance key determines what balance dimensions are displayed.)

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