Display Detail Information

This procedure is used to display all information in a specific accounting string within a specified date range.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘General Ledger. Display Transactions’ (GLS210/B).

  2. Select the accounting dimension and accounting identity. These fields and To date are mandatory. To limit the selection, enter a date range and range of accounting identities in the accounting string.

  3. Enter the cumulative from date for the opening balance.

    • This field should be empty for balance accounts. Then the amounts are accumulated from the first transaction date.
    • For income accounts, the field should contain the first day of the current fiscal year. Then the opening balance is calculated from the specified cumulative from date up to and including the specified from date minus one.
  4. To select detail transactions, enter the From and To dates (accounting date), and then select the appropriate alternatives in the ‘Internally reconciled’, ‘External/internal transactions’ and ‘Compress transactions’ fields to narrow down the selection further.

  5. To display detail information for a record, select option 11 = Details for that record. The information is displayed on the E and F panels in ‘General Ledger. Display Transactions’ (GLS211) and on the B panel in ‘General Ledger. ‘General Ledger. Display Additional Info’ (GLS212) will only be displayed if additional information has been created for the record.

  6. To display records for a transaction in receivables or payables, select option 12 = Sub-ledger for the transactions. ‘Supplier Invoice. Display Separate’ (APS215) is displayed. (Note that these ledgers can only be displayed for vouchers created in accounts payable or accounts receivable and which are for one of the following transaction types: 10 Customer invoices; 20 Customer payments; 40 Supplier invoices; 50 Supplier payments. To display detail information for a voucher, select option 13 = ‘Display voucher’ for the voucher. ‘Voucher. Display’ (GLS200) is displayed.

  7. Select options 14 = ‘Display external reconciliation’ and 15 = ‘Internal reconciliation’ to review reconciliation details.

  8. To limit the number of records selected, press F13 = Settings. ‘General Ledger. Display Transactions’ (GLS210/P) is displayed. Enter the number of records to select. In this way, a warning is issued when the number of records exceeds this.

  9. To select a specific amount or range of amounts in local or foreign currencies, press F17 = Selection to display the search panel.

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