Define Journal Number Series

This procedure is used to define journal number series for a fiscal year. Journal number series are needed to give each transaction a unique identity and to order the transactions chronologically.

Journal number series are a legal requirement in all countries.

The last number used for each series is displayed and updated automatically in ‘Journal Number Series. Open’ (CRS400/E).

Before you start

The fiscal year for the period type must be defined in ‘System Calendar. Open Period’ (CRS910).

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Journal Number Series. Open’ (CRS400/B).

  2. Enter the year for the journal series. Click New.

  3. On the E panel, enter a description, name and start number. If the ‘External/internal transactions’ check box is selected in ‘Settings - General Ledger’ (CRS750), a second number series range for internal transactions can be specified.

  4. To define more journal number series, repeat steps 2 and 3. To end, press F3.

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