Create Standard Voucher

This procedure is used to create standard vouchers that can be used in all entry functions, for example in journal voucher entry. These standard vouchers can be complete vouchers or entry templates.

A complete voucher contains all the accounting lines and amounts necessary. A template can contain some of the account entry lines, where the accounting dimensions are specified but not the amounts or vice versa. The missing information must then be specified.

Before you start

The accounting identities that will be used in the standard voucher must be defined in 'Accounting Identity. Open' (CRS630).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Standard Voucher. Open' (GLS015/B).

  2. Specify an ID in the 'Standard voucher' field. Select the Create option.

  3. On the E panel, specify description and name in the respective fields.

  4. Select a standard voucher type from the drop-down list:

    • 1 = Complete voucher, containing all required accounting lines and amounts. Debit and credit amounts balance each other. This type can contain calculation lines and internal total lines within the voucher.
    • 2 = Voucher template with only the accounting dimensions selected. The accounting lines must be complemented with amounts and/or quantity at transaction entry.
  5. Specify values in the Currency, Voucher name, and Voucher text fields.

  6. Click Next to open 'Standard Voucher. Open Lines' (GLS016).

  7. On the B panel, enter a line number, line type, and then select the Create option. The available line types are:

    • Detail line – go to step 6.
    • Calculation line (can only be used for standard voucher type 1) – go to step 8.
    • Total line for internal totaling of amounts within the voucher (can only be used for standard voucher type 1) – go to step 10.
  8. Detail line: In (GLS016/E), specify a line description and name, define the accounting string to use, and enter VAT code and voucher text.

  9. For standard voucher type 1, specify amount and/or quantity as well. Press Enter.

  10. Calculation line: In (GLS016/F), specify a line description and name, a positive or negative percentage, and the line number on which the percentage should be applied.

  11. Define the accounting string to use. (You can use the equal sign (=) to indicate that the accounting string should be retrieved from the selected from line) Specify the VAT code and voucher text. Press Enter.

  12. Total line: In (GLS016/G), specify a line description/name and up to five ranges of lines to be totaled. Press Enter.

  13. When all lines are created, press F3 to exit.

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