Change Fixed Asset Entry

This procedure is used to change the entry for a fixed asset when it has been moved from one cost center to another, for example.


When the change is made two accounting strings containing the original and new values are created. These are then compared and if they are different, the old values are credited and the new are debited. The general ledger is updated with the account entries created. A journal is generated after this is done.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Fixed Asset. Open’ (FAS001/B).

  2. Select option Open for the fixed asset to be processed.

  3. Change the information necessary in the E, F and G panels, to reflect the move. Press Enter.

    Changes in one or several of the following fields will cause a changed account entry and call ‘Fixed Asset. Recode’ (FAS005): Fixed asset type, fixed asset group, location type 1 to 3, planning area, user-defined fields 1 to 7 and accounting identities 2 to 7.

  4. In (FAS005/E), specify the accounting date and enter a journal text. Press Enter.