Enter Fixed Asset or Update a Preliminary Fixed Asset

This procedure is used to:

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Fixed Asset. Open' (FAS001/B).

    This instruction is based on panel sequence EFG123.

  2. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • Update Preliminary Fixed Asset
    • Enter Fixed Asset

Update Preliminary Fixed Asset

  1. In (FAS001/B), specify status 5='Preliminary' and press Enter. Select option Open for the fixed asset to be processed.

  2. On the N panel, specify the fixed asset type to use for the fixed asset.

  3. Continue with entering Fixed Assets.

Enter Fixed Asset

  1. In (FAS001/B), specify an identity, subnumber, status 1='Normal FA' or status 7='Budget FA', and fixed asset type for the fixed asset. Select option New.

  2. On the E panel, specify the name of the fixed asset and, if necessary, type a text that will be printed on all documents together with the asset.

  3. Specify the activation date, that is, the date from which the asset is used. If necessary, specify manufacturing date and building permit date.

  4. Specify, review and, when necessary, change, the values displayed on the E, F and G panels. Press Enter.

    All values in the fields are retrieved from the fixed asset type chosen. For detailed information about the fields, refer to Create Fixed Asset Type with Standard Values for Fixed Assets.

  5. In 'Fixed Asset. Connect Depreciation Type' (FAS002/B), review the depreciation type for the fixed asset. Change data if necessary. Press F3.

    The depreciation type displayed is the one connected to the chosen fixed asset type.

  6. In 'Fixed Asset. Connect Value Types' (FAS003/B), review the value types connected to the fixed asset. Change data if necessary. Press F3.

    The value types displayed are the ones connected to the fixed asset type and depreciation type chosen.

  7. In 'Fixed Asset. Connect Insurance Types' (FAS004/B), connect an insurance type to the fixed asset, by specifying an identity and selecting option New.

  8. In (FAS004/E), specify, if needed, insurance company and insurance number, index table, insurance amount and insurance period. Press Enter and F3.

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