Budgeting Depreciation

This process is used to create budget transactions for depreciation. Depreciation is calculated for current fixed assets and special budgeted fixed assets.

Depreciation is calculated and transferred to a budget or forecast after using this process.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Enter Budgeted Fixed Assets

    Budgeted fixed assets are used to describe the changes in fixed assets planned during a budget period. To charge the correct depreciation to this budget, it can be entered as an investment budget in the fixed asset file. This investment budget can contain totaled entries or information for each forecasted fixed asset. In order to keep budgeted fixed assets and active fixed assets separate, the budgeted assets have a special status (7).

  2. Record Depreciation

    Depreciation is recorded using accounting types 500 (Accumulated depreciation) and 510 (Depreciation) from accounting even FA80 (Budget).

  3. Transfer Depreciation to Budgeted Fixed Assets

    The recorded depreciation is then transferred to the budget. Before this is done, a proposal can be created displaying the amount to be transferred. Both balance and/or income transactions can be transferred.

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