Create Inventory Valuation Proposal

This procedure is used to create a proposed financial inventory value calculation.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Inventory Value. Open’ (CAS180/B).

  2. Enter a designation for the valuation run. Click New.

  3. On the E panel, enter description, exchange rate type and valuation date, that is, the start date for the calculation.

  4. Select whether to include lines with a zero quantity and specify whether zero actual values are used for comparison to find the lowest net sales value and replacement cost.

  5. Select report layout:

    • 1 = Acquisition values and actual value per item
    • 2 = As layout 1, but the item name is printed on a separate line.
  6. Enter a report text (optional). Press Enter to create the proposal.

  7. Review the proposal to make necessary changes.

    • To display the warehouses and items included in the proposal, select option 11 for the proposal in (CAS180/B) to display ‘Inventory Valuation. Open’ (CAS190)190).
    • To display the values of each item, select one of options 11 to 16 for the appropriate item. This displays one of programs: ‘Inventory Valuation. Display FIFO Value’ (CAS191), ‘Inventory Valuation. Display LIFO Value’ (CAS192), ‘Inventory Valuation. Display Net Sales Value’ (CAS194), or ‘Inventory Valuation. Display Replacement Cost’ (CAS195).
    • To change replacement method or enter inventory value and unit price manually, select option 16 in ‘Inventory Valuation. Open’ (CAS190/B). This displays ‘Inventory Valuation. Enter Manually’ (CAS196).
    • To print the manually entered inventory values, select option 14 in (CAS180/B).
    • To update the general ledger, select option 9 = Update for the proposal in (CAS180/B).
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