Annual Run in Accounts Receivable

Annual run in accounts receivable is used to update the balance file for accounts receivable for a new year. For this, the current year’s balance is transferred to opening balance for the next year.

The only purpose of the annual run in M3 is to total previous transactions to enhance the performance of the system.

If an annual run is not done, the previous opening balance will be added to existing transactions. If no opening balance has been calculated before, all transactions from when the system was configured will instead be totaled to create the opening balance for the next year. If transactions are entered for the current year after the annual run is done, M3 updates the opening balance for the next year.

The balance file is updated after the annual run.

Before you start

Follow these steps

The annual run includes these activities:

  1. Start the annual run in 'AR Balance File. Start Annual Run' (ARS910).

    1. Specify the year to which the balance should be transferred.

  2. The opening balance records are created automatically and the records are saved by the system in period 00.

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